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This Local Government Management of service delivery Report 2022 is structured into four parts as described below:
Part A presents the introduction that describes the background and overview of the LGMSD assessment, the objectives and dimensions of the assessment and process through which the LGMSD exercise was conducted. It also highlights how the results will be used and their implications on stakeholders including Local Governments, line Ministries and LG accounting officers.
Part B presents the LGMSD results for all the areas assessed, and these include: (i) Cross-cutting minimum conditions and performance measures; (ii)Education minimum conditions and performance measures; (iii) Health minimum conditions and performance measures; (iv) Water and Environment minimum conditions and performance measures; and (v) Micro scale irrigation minimum conditions and performance measures. For each of the areas assessed, a summary of the thematic performance areas has been given, including the maximum score of each area; overall results have been presented, results per thematic area discussed and conclusions and major recommendations for each assessment area presented.
Part C provides the key emerging issues and overall conclusions and recommendations from the assessment.
Part D presents the annexes which include; league tables for all the assessed LGs indicating their ranks and overall scores as well as each LG’s compliance level to the minimum conditions and average score in each of the performance measures.

At the District level, the planning unit extracted summary of the assessment scores as follows;
Crosscutting Minimum Conditions -36%
Education Minimum Conditions - 40%
Health Minimum Conditions - 25%
Water & Environment Minimum Conditions - 40%
Micro-scale Irrigation Minimum Conditions - 0%
Crosscutting Performance Measures - 59%
Educational Performance Measures - 51%
Health Performance Measures - 61%
Water & Environment Performance Measures - 48%
Micro-scale Irrigation Performance Measures - 13%