Council standing Committees established

The district that sat on Thursday (19.08.2021) approved the Committees of Council.
The meeting chaired by Richard Okiru, the district Speaker saw Council approve Emmanuel Oriokot -Chairperson to chair the Committee of Education, Health & Community Based Services.
Apolot Hellen, Malisa Tino, John Stephen Okwi and Scovia Alungat were appointed members.

Under works committee; Agnes Aujo was given Chairperson role as Jorem Peter Okootum, Teddy Kamende, David Ochen and Beatrice Aujo became members.

Other Committees stood as;
Finance, Planning and Administration - Eugenio Okoubong as Chairperson, Florence Isamukere, Richard Enyagu, Ebisasio Ewalu and Amos Elasu as members.

Production and Natural resources - Joseph Ebelu as Chairperson and members are; Domenic Aojan, Stephen Ebaju, Mary Putan and Annet Asio